The Community Homeschool Enrichment Center is a point of connection and support for families who are interested in life-long learning. CHEC provides classes for ages 6 and up who live in Charlottesville, Virginia and the surrounding area. The organization’s goal is to nurture love of learning by offering a balanced mix of learner- and teacher-initiated courses that are creative and age and developmentally appropriate.

CHEC strives to be a one-stop location where families can find courses that are original in content and approach for a range of ages. CHEC is open to all, and does not operate under any religious or political philosophy. Nor does CHEC require that families pursue any particular method of education, although its classes are geared toward homeschoolers and tend to operate under an eclectic, learner-led approach. Creating a sense of community plays heavily into CHEC’s mission; the center offers teacher-mentors a place to share their passions and students a place to broaden their hearts and minds.


Location / Directions

Classes and activities are held at Sojourner’s UCC church located at 1017 Elliott Ave., Charlottesville, VA.


When are CHEC classes held?All CHEC classes are held on Fridays between 10:00am and 3:00pm. The Spring 2016 Session is 8 weeks long and runs from March 25th – May 20th. (more…)

CHEC Policies

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