Agecroft Hall

Description Agecroft Hall is a Tudor manor house that was built in the late 15th century in the historic county of Lancashire, England. It was disassembled and broght to Richmond in the late 1920s and reconstructed along the banks of the James River. The surrounding grounds were designed by noted Virginia landscape architect Charles Gillette and reflect the order and opulence of English gardens.
Address 4305 Sulgrave Road, Richmond, VA 23221
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Notes The venue currently requires masking inside, but not outside. This requirement may be updated prior to the April 1st tour date.
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Date(s) Friday, Apr 01, 2022
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Life on the Manor
Running a large manor house like Agecroft Hall in seventeenth-century England required many helping hands. Students are introduced to the lifestyles of the servants and gentry through several activities including: the slide presentation “A Day at Agecroft,” which depicts costumed interpreters engaged in daily and seasonal seventeenth-century activities; a guided tour of the museum; handling reproduction sixteenth- and seventeenth-century objects; and playing outdoor seventeenth-century lawn games. In inclement weather, students remain indoors for hands-on activities such as creating an herbal sachet or playing a popular board game of the time called merels.

01:00PM - 03:00PM Ages: 8-16 Participant: $8.00
Adult: $8.00
Sibling Under 6 $0.00
Shakespeare at Agecroft
How would Shakespeare have staged his works? How might the audience have responded to his plays in Elizabethan England? Agecroft Hall offers students the rare opportunity to study Shakespeare in a setting contemporary with his life. This program “sets the scene” by beginning with a tour of the museum, followed by a discussion of Elizabethan entertainment, theaters, actors, and audiences. Thematic and historical issues important to the selected scene are also discussed. Then it’s “show-time,” as students become the actors, technicians and audience members for the staging of a Shakespearean scene.

01:00PM - 03:00PM Ages: 11-16 Participant: $8.00
Adult: $8.00
Sibling Under 6 $0.00