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Description The Clifton Institute is a non-profit that strives to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature, to study the ecology of the piedmont region, to restore habitat, and to conserve native biodiversity. We provide environmental education, conduct ecological research, and restore habitat for native plants and animals. Our 900-acre field station, which includes forests, grasslands, shrub fields, and wetlands, provides a beautiful and easily accessible location for all of our programs and is permanently protected under a conservation easement.
Address 6712 Blantyre Rd, Warrenton, VA 20187
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Date(s) Friday, Sep 23, 2022
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Insect Focused Guided Hike
The Clifton Institute will provide an insect-themed guided hike, which will kick off with a short lesson. Our hike will explore parts of the 900-acre field station, which includes forests, grasslands, shrub fields, and wetlands. Please plan for a 2 HOUR HIKE where we will be moving the majority of the time. While our focus will be the insects and caterpillars that are active in the early fall, we’ll learn about whatever we discover along the way!
Notes: The Clifton Institute operates rain or shine. This program will be entirely outdoors (an outside port-o-potty will be available). Please dress appropriately for the weather -- our guide strongly encourages boots in addition to long pants. Other items you may want to bring: backpack, camera, binoculars, something dry to sit on like a trash bag, water bottle, trash bag (for collecting your trash), masks (in the event that participants need to go inside for inclement weather or first aid) and snacks.

10:00AM - 12:00PM Ages: 8+ Participant: $10.00
Adult: $2.00
Sibling Under 8 $10.00