Fairy Stone State Park

Description Fairy Stone State Park, the largest of Virginia’s six original state parks (4,741 acres), is home to its namesake “fairy stones.” These rare mineral crosses and the park’s scenic beauty, rich history, and ample recreational opportunities make it a local and regional favorite. Our spring camping trip is planned so that participants can join the Booker T Washington field trip on the drive to the park, camp in the group site, enjoy park programming, then visit Pacabella farm on the trip home. These field trips are mix and match, so pick those that interest you. Note that the camping sign up is for those who wish to camp at the group site with other CHEC families. There are other facilities (yurts,cabins, RV sites) that you may book directly with the park if that is your preference. We have not yet booked park programming as they will not open up booking for that until March, but we hope to book a Fairy Stone Hunt (find a Staurolite crystal or "fairy stone") program and the Fayerdale: The Missing Town program.
Address 967 Fairystone Lake Drive, Stuart, VA
Website Fairy Stone State Park
Contact 276-930-2424 FairyStone@dcr.virginia.gov
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Date(s) Thursday, Apr 21, 2022 Sunday, Apr 24,2022
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Group Camping - Fairy Stone
Would you like to camp near other CHEC families? The Fairy Stone group site consists of 6 individual sites (16'x16' tent pad, picnic table, and grill) that are close together and share a common campfire/eating area.
Notes: For this program, select one chaperone to cover your entire family (you should be charged $90 for the site for the full trip). Each chaperone registration will have one site allotted to them. Do not add other family members as participants or siblings, just specify their names in the notes section. This is because this group site is divided into 6 separate sites, so we need to count families, not participants.

Thu, Apr 21, 04:00PM - Sun, Apr 24, 01:00PM Ages: All ages Participant: $0.00
Chaperone Registering 1 chaperone spot reserves a site for your whole family. $90.00
Sibling: $0.00
Waitlist: 3
Iron Mine Trail
Learn about the old town which once stood where the lake is now, the mining industry, and various environmental features about about local animals and trees. The hike is about 1 1/2 miles and has some steep portions.

Fri, Apr 22, 10:00AM - Fri, Apr 22, 12:00PM Ages: All ages Participant: $2.00
Adult: $2.00
Sibling Under 5 $0.00
Fairy Stone Hunt
Learn the legend behind the naturally occurring stone cross formations, and travel to the special location in the park to search for your own Staurolite crystal or "fairy stone." After a short presentation on what you will be looking for and the telling of the legend, we will travel to the site. Paritcipants will need to drive their own vehicles to the hunt site.

Fri, Apr 22, 02:00PM - Fri, Apr 22, 04:00PM Ages: All ages Participant: $2.00
Adult: $2.00
Sibling Under 5 $0.00