Kyle Sarrecchia aka GreenBean is a father of two long time Chec students and has a deep appreciation and love for the impact this co-op has on the children and their families. This will be his first time teaching courses here and he could not be more excited. He currently owns and operates 2 successful YouTube channels and will be teaching the “Learn To Create Your Own YouTube channel” courses. His more active channel, GreenBean JetsFan, is growing exponentially and has garnered sponsorship from national companies this past year. YouTube can be a lot of fun but can also create income with even smaller channels. “Mr. Bean” will take everything he has learned while stumbling and bumbling through the YouTube learning process to help your child create and maintain their channel the right way. Having a background as a stand up comedian for over a decade in NYC and Los Angeles as well as being a group therapist for 15 years, he will pass on all he has learned in a fun and easily digestible way for the kids. Mr. Bean will also be teaching the ”Joy Of Automotive Upkeep” class. Teaching the children applicable, yet fun aspects of life today is a passion of his and he’s very excited to be a one of the instructors this year.