Carolyn Fay is a freelance writer, an independent teacher, and a former homeschooling mother. Her articles and stories for children have appeared in Highlights, Muse, Dig, Calliope, and Boys' Quest. When she isn't writing or researching, she serves as a tutor and writing coach for kids. She enjoys working with reluctant writers, aspiring authors, and everyone in between. She also teaches French! A former professor, Carolyn taught French language and literature for 16 years at the university level, where the students never wanted to leave their seats, and would've rather died than sing "Frère Jacques" in class. These days Carolyn's French classes for homeschoolers involve singing, dancing, B-grade acting, ridiculous costuming, cute puppets, and horrible ventriloquism. As a writer and a teacher, she strives to cultivate curiosity and creativity in children.