Canal Museum Tour at Roanoke Rapids Canal Museum

Description: This tour explains how the original canal – with its locks, culverts, and massive aqueduct – was built and turned the Roanoke River into a superhighway of commerce during the early 19th century. The story continues by explaining how the canal was transformed from a trade route into a hydroelectric power resource just over a century ago before becoming the greenway and historic site of today. This canal has been designated as a part of the underground railroad.
Notes: The coordinator for this program, Teela James, can chaperone students if parents and younger siblings are participating in the Canal Trail Exploration. If you'd like the coordinator to chaperone your student, please register your student as a participant, do not register yourself as a chaperone, and mention in the notes field that Teela will chaperone your student.
Ages: 9+ Number of Participants (min/max): 10-20
Cost: Participant $4.00 Adult $4.00 Sibling $0.00