Snake Anatomy and Dissection Workshop at Reptile Natural History Museum

Description: Learn about amazing squamate adaptations through a snake dissection workshop. Participants will be given preserved snake specimens to dissect while learning about reptilian gross anatomy (the anatomy you can see). My Three Chambered Heart will walk students through the major organ systems while touching on what makes reptiles, and snakes specifically, unique and different from humans. Preserved specimens are a species of Nerodia water snake that are invasive in California: the snakes were collected to save native ecosystems and were not killed for this workshop. Specimens are preserved with a proprietary formula, and may be kept in 70% alcohol as a display, or discarded safely in the trash when no longer wanted. We will also cover interested snake facts, see snake legs, and learn the anatomical reasoning behind a snakes ability to eat prey larger than its head (and see a demonstration!).
Notes: Workshop will be indoors, if the weather is favorable the exterior doors and windows will be open for airflow. Masks are optional. Age range: Best suited for ages 10+, but younger students may participate with a parent. Students will be using scalpels, so younger students must have a parent present to help with tool safety so instructors can focus on the anatomy lesson. Note that the cost is per specimen, so a pair (or trio) of students can share one if they wanted. So either families or a set of students can work together. Register one participant for $65, which covers the participants. Register others in the same group as an accompanying adult or a sibling (even if the person is just another participant and not actually a sibling).
Ages: 10+ Number of Participants (min/max): 6-30
Cost: Participant $65.00 Adult $0.00 Sibling $0.00