Group Camping - Fairy Stone at Fairy Stone State Park

Description: Would you like to camp near other CHEC families? The Fairy Stone group site consists of 6 individual sites (16'x16' tent pad, picnic table, and grill) that are close together and share a common campfire/eating area.
Notes: For this program, select one chaperone to cover your entire family (you should be charged $90 for the site for the full trip). Each chaperone registration will have one site allotted to them. Do not add other family members as participants or siblings, just specify their names in the notes section. This is because this group site is divided into 6 separate sites, so we need to count families, not participants.
Ages: All ages Number of Participants (min/max): 2-6
Cost: Participant $0.00 Adult $90.00 Sibling $0.00