CHEC Contacts

Do you have a question about CHEC? Not sure who to contact? The list below should help. Please be patient waiting for a response--all CHEC officers are volunteers and we are busy homeschooling our own children. If you haven't heard back in a couple of days, please feel free to send a reminder email. You may also call CHEC at 434-326-1772.
Position Name Email Responsibilities
Website Developer Teela James Provides website support.
Registrar Susan Maccarelli Handles course schedule and registration. Responds to questions about teaching classes at CHEC, feedback on current courses and instructors, and handles special registration requests, drop requests, and late registration requests.
Site Supervisor Melissa Kirkpatrick & Cara Leigh Williams Recruits, schedules, and supervises site managers.
Administrator Amber Jones Manages facilities, insurance issues, and background checks. Serves as a liaison between parents, teachers, and CHEC officers.
Treasurer Megan Bailey Handles finances, including queries about CHEC accounts.
Fundraiser Cindy Young Organizes fundraising events for CHEC scholarship.
Mailing Address CHEC PO Box 1730, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Student & Family Liaison Autumn Starnes Welcomes all new families and students to CHEC. Liaison or Mediator for students, families, teachers, and site managers who are dealing with conflicts.
Social Media Officer Shelley Marshall Manages CHEC's social media presence, including Facebook and Instagram accounts.
CHECstra Teen Program Dannielle Lamison Manages all administrative tasks related to CHEC's Wednesday Teen Day offering
Field Trip Officer Torey Schultz Reviews all field trips submitted by coordinators and calls for CHEC parents to set up field trips. Plans and acts as point person on several field trips per term as needed to round out the schedule.
Events Officer Amy Eachus Responsible for organizing events at CHEC such as the annual pool party, open house, etc.
CHECstra Tween Program Torey Schultz Handles coordination of the CHECstra Tween program.