Cass Scenic Railroad

Description Cass Scenic Railroad State Park is a state park and heritage railroad located in Cass, Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The park includes the Cass Scenic Railroad, an 11-mile long heritage railway operated by the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad.
Address Cass Depot, 12363 Cass Road, Cass, WV, 24927
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Date(s) Friday, May 26, 2023
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Cass Scenic Whittaker Trip
The Cass Scenic Railroad is the same line built in 1901 to haul lumber to the mill in Cass. The locomotives are the same Shay locomotives used in Cass during that time, and in the rain forests of British Columbia for more than a half-century. Many of the passenger cars are old logging cars that have been refurbished. CHEC’s 2-hour steam train ride to Whittaker Station will depart from the Cass depot for an eight-mile round trip excursion that includes a 30-minute layover at the top of the mountain where you can enjoy the views and a snack. Cass is the home to the world’s largest fleet of geared Shay locomotives. Five Shays, one Heisler, and one Climax reside here. The legendary turn-of-the-century class C-80 Shay, #5 has been toiling up Cheat Mountain for 115 years, making it one of the oldest engines in continuous service on its original line, and the oldest operable Shay in existence! Trip Summary Departing the Cass depot, the trip to Whittaker Station takes two hours for the eight-mile round trip. Passing the water tower and machine shop, the railroad begins to climb lower slopes of Cheat Mountain along picturesque Leatherbark Creek. The train then zigzags through two switchbacks, the engines alternately pushing then pulling passenger cars because the grade is so steep. After passing the entrance to Cass Cave, the railroad levels off for the stop at Whittaker Station, surrounded by green meadows and fine views of the countryside. There is a cool, shady picnic grove with tables where excursionists may rest and enjoy the scenery.
Notes: Arrive 10:30. Train departs at 11am and returns at 1pm.

10:30AM - 01:00PM Ages: 0-100 26/50