Mariner's Museum

Description The Mariners’ Museum and Park connects people to the world’s waters, because through the waters – through our shared maritime heritage – we are connected to one another. The museum is one of the largest maritime museums in North America and has an extensive collection of artifacts including miniature ship models, scrimshaw, maritime paintings, decorative arts, carved figureheads, working steam engines, and the world's only known Kratz-built steam calliope. The museum is housed in a scenic 550 acre park with a lake and trails.
Address 100 Museum Drive Newport News, VA 23606
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Date(s) Wednesday, Jan 31, 2024
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Ironclad Marvels
What happens when iron meets iron at sea? Find out by investigating the battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia. Using artifacts, reproduction artifacts, personal correspondence, and historical images, students will gain an understanding of the importance of this ironclad battle to Virginia, the American Civil War, and navies around the world. During the program, students will become detectives who learn about six individuals involved in the history of this battle through a primary source analysis activity. Students will also discover how artifacts from the Monitor wreck site are being conserved here at The Mariners’ Museum and participate in a mock-archaeological excavation of the Monitor’s Dahlgren guns – just like our own conservators!
Notes: If there are a large number of registrants, this tour will be divided into an older and a younger group.

01:30PM - 03:45PM Ages: 10-18 Participant ages 10-18 $7.00
Chaperone: $2.00
Sibling Under 10 $7.00
Tales Across the Atlantic
For centuries, the tradition of storytelling flourished in every culture to entertain, teach life lessons, and explain the workings of the world through origin folklore. Here in the United States, the stories we love today were influenced by the convergence of African, European, and Native American cultures. In this engaging and informative program, students will listen to stories from these three cultures and understand how these stories are similar, despite originating in different parts of the world. Students will become active participants in this storytelling tradition by using body percussion, musical shakers, and movement and be introduced to instruments from around the world. At the end of the program, students will create a visual story “film strip” with a beginning, middle, and end.

01:30PM - 02:30PM Ages: 4-10 Participant children ages 4-10 $7.00
Chaperone: $2.00
Sibling Under 4 $0.00