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Description The JMU Center for STEM Education and Outreach invites 7th-12th-grade teachers and their students to our campus to experience the intersection of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as our undergraduates do in their classes, labs, and research experiences. This is the second year of this program and we are excited about building off what we learned last year. The experiences are designed to be engaging, accessible, and model how real-world challenges are better understood and addressed through the transdisciplinary practices of STEM. Our approach to modeling real-world STEM is to develop experiences that expose students to the skills, ways of thinking, and other practices in a specific discipline (e.g., Biology or Computer Science) while also demonstrating examples of how one or more other STEM disciplines are integrated to better address complex problems. These experiences were developed by a group of STEM professors who value K-12 outreach and engagement, especially within our local community. The experiences are modeled after their own research practices, teaching passions, or other areas of professional interest. To make these experiences accessible and higher impact, they have been thoughtfully differentiated for grades 7-12.
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Date(s) Friday, Mar 29, 2024
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Analyzing Changing Landscapes with Remote Sensing - STEM Experience
Have you ever seen one of those Internet photos in which the same people take pictures at the same place decades apart? It is always stunning how much time can change everything. Do you know we can do the same with our Earth? NASA satellite programs have been continuously collecting images of the Earth’s surface for more than 50 years. The data is free and there’re a ton of open-source tools that we can use to analyze the images. In this session, we will explore the changes to the Earth’s surface (deforestation, urbanization, mining, etc.) using satellite imagery and Google Earth Engine. The students will have the opportunity to choose a type of land change that they are interested in and map the change using a set of user-friendly tools designed specifically for middle/high school students. Through this session, students will observe the transformation of the landscape, identify objects in satellite images, understand image processing techniques, and create maps of land changes. More info:

11:30AM - 01:30PM Ages: 12-18 Participant: $2.00
Chaperone non-participating chaperone $0.00
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