Kat Freeman’s degree and professional experience is in Commercial Interior Design, though prior to beginning teaching, she spent several years at home with her children, Roxie, Nora, and Thomas. She began teaching at the Highland Park Montessori Schools, in Illinois, where she taught art to children ages 2-8, for twenty-two years. After moving to Charlottesville a year ago, she currently teaches at Charlottesville Parks and Recreation, and is loving learning a whole new way to be creative at a local florist. Kat believes that art experiences increase self-confidence – allowing the child the opportunity to hear “Do it your way, not mine.” A feeling of confidence and power is gained by making something out of nothing. Art with this open-ended approach develops an appreciation for the individuality of self and others as the child realizes there is more than one right way to do something. We’ll engage in “gallery walks” to look at each other’s work, to discuss all the different “right” ways.