(CHEC Class >> Sail the Musician-Ship): Joia Wood - MIMA Director of Community Relations & Teaching Artist; Joia Wood picked up her mother's guitar at age fourteen and began composing her own music. Joia has contributed backing vocals to the albums and performances of numerous fellow Charlottesville musicians including Amos Gilkey, Brady Earnhart, Monticello Road, and Shannon Worrell, and opened for Brian Vander Ark at the Gravity Lounge. She is perhaps best known for her haunting vocal work with Danny Schmidt. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (CHEC Class >> Band Together): Craig Green and Ashlynn Manning Teng - Craig Green is a community song leader and ukulele teacher. He gives uke lessons at the Front Porch music school in C'ville. He and his partner Cleo lead Songtuary, a weekly community song circle. He's the author of The Contemplayful Songbook. To learn more visit Songtuary.org. Ashlynn Manning Teng is a music teacher and vocalist with a background in jazz improvisation, musical theater, and electronic composition. She taught elementary general music in Colorado and now teaches private lessons in Cville.