Alena Rose Solenne, M.Ed, is an independent teacher based in Charlottesville, VA. She has been teaching and tutoring children and teens in the homeschooling community since 2014. In addition to her work at CHEC, she runs a variety of pods and academic programs for homeschool students. She also supports the homeschool community by offering end-of-year homeschool evaluations, and curriculum support sessions for families who need some help refining or developing their homeschool practice and schedule. She has her Masters in Education from Antioch University, and has completed additional training in both Integrated Learning and Waldorf teaching modalities. She has a love and appreciation for each unique developmental stage, including those that we continue to experience as adults. She has a passion for exploring culture, history, geometry and art, and then finding the interesting connections and patterns hiding within them. In each class, there is a focus on aesthetics and beauty, while also gently integrating social, developmental, and academic skills.