Observatory Tour and Educational Workshops at Greenbank Observatory

Description: The tour includes a presentation about radio astronomy and the work done at Green Bank Observatory, followed by a bus tour of the campus to see the telescopes! The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in Green Bank, West Virginia is the largest fully steerable radio telescope in the United States and the world. Astronomers use Green Bank radio telescopes to observe the naturally occurring radio waves that come from stars, planets, galaxies, clouds of dust, and molecules of gas. Participants will also enjoy 3 educational workshops (see program notes to vote for your preferred workshop topics).
Notes: Students and a maximum of 1 parent/adult educator per family should register as participants, paying only the small CHEC admin fee. Additional adults coming with a family (spouses, partners, grandparents etc.) are asked to register as accompanying adults. Their $13 cost includes the museum's standard visitor charge and a small CHEC admin fee. Accompanying adult participation includes the guided bus Tour, exhibit hall entry, and science presentation. Accompanying adults will be able to participate in the workshops if there is extra space. Costs for this program does not include lunch, which you have the option of purchasing through a separate program registration. Registrants are asked to complete the following survey to indicate which workshops they are most interested in. The observatory will tally responses and conduct the 3 workshops that score highest for the group. PLEASE NOTE that while most workshop options are for all ages, there are several that are for 3rd or or 5th grade and up. If any of these workshops are selected, your younger child is welcome to attend but content will be geared for a slightly older crowd. Survey: https://forms.gle/QcxbYF4mc7g7Cqcv6 If you are unable to complete the survey form, email Joyce (joyce.smaragdis@gmail.com) to select your workshop choices.
Ages: 0-100 Number of Participants (min/max): 5-50
Cost: Participant $2.00 Adult $13.00 Sibling $0.00