Market Vendor at CHEC Winter Festival

Description: Join CHEC friends for our second annual Winter Market. This is a group project where some students are business owners and others are customers. Have a great idea for what might sell to your peers, their siblings, or their parents? Maybe you have the best baklava recipe. Maybe you can draw caricatures or charge people to let them throw a pie in your face. If you've got a business idea, you should be a vendor. Note that this activity will use **pretend money** provided at the event. There is more fun for everyone if there is lots of buying and selling and it helps us explore concepts like profit, net income, unit price, and supply and demand. We'll track our sales and expenses, determine profits, and see if our predictions of which businesses will make the greatest profit, the greatest net profit, and the greatest sales are accurate. There is a vendor planning session on Dec. 1st from 10-11:30 where we'll share our business ideas, calculate expected profit, and make our market predictions. We'll have a follow-up session right after the market closes to see if our predictions are accurate.
Notes: Students younger than 10 may participate as vendors but will likely find the math complicated and will need assistance from a parent.
Ages: 10-18 Number of Participants (min/max): 10-20
Cost: Participant $0.00 Adult $0.00 Sibling $0.00